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130-161 B.C. Ariarathes VI Silver Drachm


Grade:  Very Fine/Extra Fine  
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Imagine owning a silver coin issued over 2,100 years go whose well-struck, artistically rendered details feature royalty from an ancient Greek kingdom. Now you can! Issued 130-116 B.C., this silver drachm features the profile of Ariarathes VI, the King of Cappadocia, an ancient kingdom in central Turkey that was part of the Greek Empire.

At age 14, Ariarathes succeeded his father to the throne. To end a war with the neighboring kingdom of Pontus and Armenia Minor on the Black Sea, Ariarathes married King Mithridates V’s daughter, Laodice, his paternal cousin. Ariarathes ruled until his assassination at 28 by a Cappadocian noble at the instigation of Mithridates.

This pure silver drachm's obverse reveals the crowned bust of Ariarathes VI. The reverse shows Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, holding Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory. The Greek letters spell Ariarathes VI and his title. Our supply is limited, so order yours today.

  • Location: Asia Minor & Middle East
  • Material: Silver
  • Product Type: Single Products