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Image for 6th-5th Century B.C. Black Sea Region Arrowhead from Littleton Coin Company
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6th-5th Century B.C. Black Sea Region Arrowhead


6th-5th Century B.C. Black Sea Region Arrowhead

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Now own one of the earliest forms of money, bronze Arrowhead money, older than many types of ancient coinage. Long before the advent of coins, people bartered and exchanged currency like this Arrowhead proto-money that comes from the 6th-5th century B.C. – over 2,500 years ago.

Dating back over 25 centuries, this archaic currency recalls the cunning Greeks and fierce Celts who lived in the Black Sea region and traded proto-money in the shape of arrowheads long ago. Used in various Greek colonies, arrowhead money served a dual purpose. It was valued as a metal because it was bronze, and it was valued as a weapon, which could be fastened to the end of an arrow for hunting. An epic, affordable piece pre-dating most coins, Arrowhead money will star in any collection.

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