82 Tons of Coins Move with Littleton Coin Company!

Littleton Coin Company Moving


LITTLETON, NH - More than 200 people worked day and night the weekend of February 11 - 14 to move Littleton Coin Company to our new corporate headquarters at One Littleton Coin Place. Just over 82 tons of U.S., ancient and foreign coins and paper money was moved over the course of 80 hours between Thursday morning, February 11th and Sunday afternoon, the 14th. The coins, if laid side by side, would stretch from Littleton, NH to Boston, MA!


Additionally, nearly 12 tons of office equipment, furniture, computers and files were moved for a total of 94 tons - 188,000 pounds! Customer orders and shipments were interrupted for only one day. We typically ship customer orders out within 36 hours of receiving them.

Littleton Coin Company Move Facts

  1. 7.5 million coins moved
  2. 82 tons of coins and paper money
  3. 12 tons of furniture, computers, files and equipment
  4. 42 tractor-trailer truckloads
  5. 200+ people involved in the move
  6. 22 N.H. State Police and Littleton police
  7. 8 police cruisers
  8. 500 miles traveled by movers back-and-forth
  9. Span of more than 80 hours
  10. Consumed by move crews: 1,300 bottles of juice & water, 1,000 danishes and muffins, 25 gallons of soup, 550 sandwiches, 16 gallons of fruit cocktail, six 5-foot subs, 100 gallons of coffee and 500 servings of entrees
  11. 51 miles of computer cables installed in the new building
  12. 23 miles of underground electrical cables installed
  13. New building: 65,000 square feet
  14. Old building: 31,000 square feet


New Hampshire State Police and Littleton town police assisted with the move of tens of thousands of collectible coins over the five mile distance to the new facility. Not so much as a single coin was lost or misplaced in the transfer. The entire move was successful and there were no major mishaps. In fact, coin company employees were back to work on Monday morning graciously taking orders and diligently grading coins.


In total, more than 200 people were involved in the move, including over 100 Littleton employees, 36 crew members from Bormann Brothers Movers & Riggers of Pepperell, MA, who were hired by Littleton Coin Company to handle the move, 22 state and local police, and dozens of vendors and suppliers.


new building 


Our new 65,000 square-foot headquarters is more than twice the size of our previous Union Street location. The new facility is the largest mail-order facility in the United States dedicated to hobby of coin collecting. The building was designed and built by Bread Loaf Construction of Middlebury, VT,  which specializes in mail order operations. This new building is one of the most state of the art mail-order facilities around today, certainly in New England.


Our new building will enable us to stock an even wider variety of coins and paper money to meet the needs and desires of its customers. It also provides a more streamlined internal flow and on-site postal pick-up direct to postal distribution centers to allow for more speedy delivery of products to our customers. Our 260 employees are enjoying the benefit of a more comfortable, enjoyable working environment.


For security reasons, our old Union Street location had not one window in the entire building. The new location is filled with large windows and skylights, much to the delight of our company's employees, and a new state-of-the-art security system.


Founded by Maynard and Fannie Sundman in 1945, Littleton Coin Company began as a fledgling stamp business working from a couple of folding tables in their home. Today's new location provides room for Littleton Coin Company's continuing growth. Our president David Sundman says, "Now we can grow as large as we can dream!"

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Littleton Coin Company's
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