Paper Money Books & References

If you'd like to learn more about the exciting hobby of paper money collecting, the following Paper Money Books and References will help get you started. Please see our Paper Money Books page for a selection of books available for purchase.

100 Greatest American Currency Notes, Q. David Bowers & David M. Sundman
Widely acclaimed, this beautifully illustrated book provides facts, stories and collecting tips for America's best known, most collectible, and most sought-after issues of paper money. Hardcover, 144 pages.
Obsolete Paper Money Issued by Banks in the United States 1782-1866, by Q. David Bowers
Join numismatic expert Q. David Bowers on a journey of discovery! Filled with exciting stories, fascinating facts, and colorful illustrations, this book covers the notes that once served American commerce. With this noteworthy reference, you'll learn about the engraving, printing, and distribution of ornate notes issued from Colonial times through the Civil War. Hardcover, 608 pages.
Early Paper Money of America, by Eric P. Newman
First published in 1967, this updated paper money reference is the result of decades of careful research. You'll read about early note issues of all 13 colonies, plus Vermont, Louisiana, and the Northwest Territory. It also includes early Continental Currency and Federal issues. Hardcover, 495 pages.
National Bank Notes, 5th Edition, by Don Kelly
This book features meticulous population reports that are based on a census of more than 260,000 National Bank Notes. With information on how many notes remain in existence and what they're worth, this book is an essential resource. Softcover, 446 pages.
The Banker's Art: Studies in Paper Money, by Virginia H. Hewitt
Collection of essays by financial institutions and museums on the controversial history of world paper money – compiled by the British Museum's paper money curator. Discusses issuance, manufacturing and design – and the influence of economic conditions, politics, war and other circumstances on paper currency. Softcover, 160 pages.
The Art of Money: The History and Design of Paper Currency from Around the World, by David Standish
Discover the beauty and artistry of currency with this conversational discussion on the history and design of paper money from around the world as well as the United States. Filled with colorful, vibrant illustrations and detailed close-up images. Learn how countries project a desired image on currency. Softcover, 132 pages.
World War II Remembered: History in Your Hands, A Numismatic Study, by Fred Schwan & Joseph E. Boling
Award-winning definitive work on WWII numismatics covering the Allies, Axis Powers, neutral and occupied countries – including paper money, coins, camp notes, war bonds, military medals, propaganda and espionage notes, and more. A large-format hardcover book with 864 pages and over 4,000 illustrations.
The Devil's Workshop: A Memoir of the Nazi Counterfeiting Operation, by Adolf Burger
Operation Bernhard was a massive Nazi scheme during WWII to trigger economic chaos among the Allies by distributing counterfeit British currency. The superb forgeries, undetected by the Bank of England, were created by Jewish prisoners of a Nazi concentration camp – many with printing and engraving expertise. A first-hand account by one of the prisoner/counterfeiters. Hardcover, 288 pages.
The Art of Making Money: The Story of a Master Counterfeiter, by Jason Kersten
Absorbing true story of a brilliant counterfeiter who "made" millions and outwitted the Secret Service until brought down by a betrayal. Art Williams painstakingly overcame sophisticated anti-forging features of new U.S. $100 bills introduced in 1996 – printing and passing millions of dollars worth of counterfeits. Hardcover, 304 pages.