About Littleton Coin and the Surrounding Area
A family business in the heart of the White Mountains

Littleton, New Hampshire

A historic view of Littleton's Main Street

Littleton Coin Company was founded by a young man who turned an enthusiasm for collecting into one of the largest firms in the country serving the needs and interests of coin collectors. Maynard Sundman and his wife Fannie, through innovative personalized service including Littleton's "see before you buy" approvals program, made collecting easy, convenient and fun for coin enthusiasts across the country and in any location. Led today by Maynard and Fannie's eldest son David, an avid collector himself who grew up in the family business, Littleton Coin continues to expand its inventory of coins and to improve its cordial customer services.

The small, friendly town of Littleton is located in the heart of New Hampshire's scenic White Mountains – a popular year-round recreational area offering a variety of natural and manmade attractions. Littleton has been a hub of business and shopping activity in northern New Hampshire since the mid-1800s, and we're pleased to provide a wide variety of interesting employment opportunities to more than 300 area residents.