1909-S Lincoln Cent, S Over Horizontal S

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Scarce Key Date alert! When the Lincoln cent first debuted in 1909, it bore designer Victor D. Brenner's initials. But they were quickly removed when some found them too prominent, creating two first-year types. Both saw low mintages for San Francisco Mint issues, and are Key Dates to the series. This century-old bronze classic is a Fine specimen of the second type (without initials). Plus, it bears the more popular of two repunched mint mark varieties!

  • Low-Mintage Key Date
  • Coveted first-year issue
  • Repunched mint mark (S over Horizontal S)
  • Obverse depicts 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln
  • Reverse bears series original Wheat Ears reverse, now seldom found in circulation
  • Photo shows actual coin you will receive

The San Francisco Mint Minted struck less than 2 million of these coveted first-year issues. So don't wait. Order today to add this exciting Key Date to your collection!