1908-1912 Prussia Silver 3 Mark coin


Grade: Circulated

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Recall the dramatic era of the First World War with century-old 3 Mark coins from the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II – the last German emperor and king of the imperial state of Prussia. These classic 90% silver coins depict Wilhelm II on the obverse and the heraldic eagle of Germany with the Prussian shield on the reverse. The eldest grandchild of Britain's Queen Victoria, Wilhelm II became kaiser (emperor) of Germany in 1888 and began a militaristic 30-year reign.

His urging of Austria-Hungary to retaliate against Serbia for the 1914 assassination of an Austrian archduke precipitated the First World War. And when Germany was about to lose the war in 1918, Wilhelm II abdicated and lived out his life in exile in the Netherlands. Get a Prussian silver 3 Mark coin now. But hurry, our supply of these century-old coins is very limited.