1874-1876 50¢ Fractional Currency

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Currency and Civil War collectors take notice! Authorized by Congress due to hoarding of coins during Civil War, this exceptional 1874-1876 Fifty Cent Fractional Currency Note will stand out in any collection!

  • Choice Uncirculated 63 Premium
  • Exceptional Paper Quality, PMG Certified
  • From 1874-1876 Fifth & Final Fractional Currency Issue
  • Printed on white paper with silk fibers and blue right-end on face
  • Face features Red Treasury Seal, ornate border & portrait of William H. Crawford, secretary of war and treasury departments from 1815-1825
  • Back features green design and terms of redemption
  • Allison Signature
  • Photo shows actual note you will receive

Fractional Civil War-era notes are prized by collectors – especially in this condition. So add this one to your collection while you can!