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1864 $2 Confederate Note

1864 $2 Confederate Note

Highlight your collection with this scarce last-year $2 Confederate Note issued in 1864, featuring the talented Judah Benjamin on the face. Although he was a Yale dropout, Benjamin became a successful lawyer, sugar plantation owner and in 1852, the first Jewish U.S. senator.

During the Civil War, the served the Confederacy as attorney general, then secretary of war and finally as secretary of state, always remaining in the background. As secretary of war, after a Confederate loss, he accepted a congressional censure rather than reveal the South didn’t have any available reinforcements to send. When the Civil War ended, he spent his last few days, before escaping to England, burning personal correspondence and government documents.

Printed on pink paper, with a reddish-brown overlay, these hand-signed and numbered uniface $2 Confederate Notes are a scarcer type in all grades, but especially so in Crisp Unused condition. Now 150 years later, they’re found only in museums and collections. Just 29 are available so order yours while our supplies last!
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