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1921 PDS Morgan Silver Dollar Set with Case

1921 PDS Morgan Silver Dollar Set (3 coins) with Case

Struck from 1878-1904, then one last time in 1921, Morgan dollars span two centuries and recall a colorful, adventurous period in American history. It was a time when cities, railroads and people pushed westward. And big ideas, inventions, and “newfangled” gadgets set America on the road to prosperity.

It was also a time when Treasury vaults were overflowing with silver dollars – dollars that would soon disappear into the melting pots. In 1918, to help finance World War I, 270 million silver dollars were melted – the majority, Morgans. But the Pittman Act called for their replacement, giving birth to the last Morgans ever minted - the Morgan silver dollars of 1921!

Over 85 years have passed since those final Morgan dollars rolled off the mint presses. And while they are not rarities, collectors prize them because the 1921 coins are the final Morgans of this historic dollar series. Now you can own three hand-selected circulated 1921 Morgans. This handsome set showcases the last-year-of-issue Morgan silver dollars. You’ll receive one coin from each mint that struck them – Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. That’s right, your set includes the one-of-a-kind Denver Mint Morgan – the only “D” Mint Morgan dollar ever issued! Plus, these three magnificent silver dollars are encapsulated in Air-Tite holders and displayed in a leatherette presentation case. So don’t miss your opportunity to put this complete 1921 Last-Year Morgan Dollar Set aside.
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