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1928-2003 Small-Size $2 Notes Collection

1928-2003 Small-Size $2 Notes Collection

Add a complete type set of small-size $2 notes to your collection! This set brings you three Legal Tender Notes featuring Monticello on the back, and three Federal Reserve Notes with the Bicentennial reverse! All feature Thomas Jefferson on the face. You’ll enjoy…

  • Very first small-size $2 type from Series 1928
  • Series 1953 note with design changes to the denomination on the face
  • Last $2 Legal Tender Note from Series 1963 with the motto IN GOD WE TRUST added to the back
  • All three Legal Tender Notes are in Very Good or Better condition, and have a different appearance because of their red seals and serial numbers
  • You’ll also receive three Crisp Uncirculated $2 Federal Reserve Notes from all three series dates: 1976, 1995, and 2003!
  • All three Federal Reserve Notes feature an adaptation of John Trumbull’s painting The Signing of the Declaration of Independence on the back
  • The face of these three notes feature green seals and serial numbers, instead of red

Rarely seen in circulation today, the notes in this distinctive type set will be a welcome addition to your collection. Order yours now!
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