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1899 Silver Certificate Set $1,2,5

1899 $1, $2, $5 Silver Certificate Type Set

Here is your chance to own some of the most sought after of all U.S. notes – the large-size $1, $2 and $5 Silver Certificates from Series 1899. These handsome issues stand apart, and are considered by many to represent the last Silver Certificate series with truly artistic designs. Now, we can offer you the complete type set of these beautiful and alluring notes.

Series 1899 Silver Certificates recall the days when United States paper money was backed by silver on demand. Your complete set includes the famous $1 “Black Eagle” Note, as well as the highly sought-after $2 denomination – the last $2 Silver Certificate ever issued. Plus, you’ll receive the spectacular “Indian Chief” $5 note, one of America’s most recognized bills. It captures the Wild West, and is the only U.S. note to bear a Native American as the main portrait. In 1960, U.S. Treasury reports indicated that nearly all the large-size Silver Certificates had been redeemed and destroyed, leaving less than 1⁄4 of 1% available for collectors. Now over 50 years later, we have a limited supply of notes available. Don’t wait – order your set today.
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