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1934D & 1953A First & Last $5 Silver Certificate Type Set

1934D & 1953A First & Last $5 Silver Certificate Type Set, Fine

Here’s a great opportunity to own a Complete Type Set of small-size $5 Silver Certificates! In 1929, the U.S. switched to small-size notes and a new $5 Silver Certificate was created. And the design continued until 1953, when changes were made to the face of the note. Just ten years later, the rising price of silver put an end to these classic notes forever. But now they can be yours with this 2-note set!

Your complete type set includes both small-size $5 Silver Certificate designs that were issued. Both feature blue seals and serial numbers, plus Abraham Lincoln’s classic portrait. Backs depict the Lincoln Memorial. Each note is in Fine condition and has been hand selected by our experts for eye appeal. With most silver certificates redeemed – and then destroyed – long ago, few remain for collectors today. So don’t wait to get yours. At this price, they’re sure to go quickly!

  • Series 1934D, with large FIVE and seal, blue 5, and Clark-Snyder signatures
  • Series 1953A, with small FIVE and seal, gray 5, and Priest-Anderson signatures
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