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1666-86 Sweden Copper 1/6 Ore

1666-86 Sweden Copper 1/6 Ore

If you appreciate the beauty of Old World coins, and the unusual way they were minted, you'll want these Swedish Copper 1/6 Ore. These distinctive coins were struck using a roller press - two steel cylinders with obverse dies on 1 and reverse dies on the other. The designs were stamped onto strips of copper. If the rollers didn't align, parts of the design would be missing on the finished coin. This only adds to their classic charm. Although Sweden lacked precious bullion, it had vast supplies of copper. The Avesta Mint struck all of the country's copper coins until it closed in 1831. Issued from 1666-1686 during the reign of Carl XI, these coins are enduring legacies from this important mint. The obverse displays 3 crowns and the letters CRS (Carolus Rex Sveciae) above the date, recalling a bygone age when nearly every European nation had a king or queen. The reverse shows a Griffin below a crown, and the denomination. Now over 300 years old, these unusual coins are extremely affordable, and will accent your collection.
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