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1835-1910 Bhutan 1/2 Rupee

1835-1910 Bhutan Copper or Brass 1/2 Rupee

These 1⁄2 Rupee coins were issued from 1835-1910 in Bhutan – a tiny Himalayan kingdom that until the 1960s, was accessible only by foot! Known as “the last Shangri-La,” Bhutan’s gentle people are devoted to Buddhism, and treasure their spectacular environment as the source of all life and home of the gods. Called Druk Yul (Land of the Thunder Dragon) by natives for its severe snow storms, Bhutan ranges in elevation from 600 feet to over 21,000 feet in the high Himalayas. Exotic wildlife includes rare snow leopards, blue sheep, takins (goat-antelope creatures), tigers, red pandas and elephants.

Hand-struck copper or brass 1⁄2 Rupee coins were the only denomination issued from 1835-1910. Coins were of limited use, as a barter system was prevalent – and self sufficiency in food made coinage unnecessary for trade with other countries. Featuring various native letters and symbols, these obsolete century-old coins of Bhutan are available!
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