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Silver Sassanian Drachm

A.D. 226-642 Sassanian Silver Drachm

You`ll love the high-purity silver of these unique ancient coins. History suggests that the Sassanians traded for foreign coins, which they pounded flat to obliterate the previous design. They then re-struck the coins by hand with their own designs. The resulting Drachms are large, but surprisingly thin. Each depicts the Sassanian king on the obverse, and a fire altar and two attendants on the reverse. Offered here in attractive yet affordable Circulated condition, they are the perfect addition to any collection.

Feared for their heavily armored horsemen, the Sassanians were the last native dynasty to rule Persia before the Arab conquest. From A.D. 226- 642, the Sassanian armies repeatedly challenged - and defeated - the mighty legions of Rome. But their empire later vanished, and today their wealth can be yours. Don`t wait - at this low price, these coins will move quickly!

A5727 Very Good/Fine
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