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Gordian III Antoninianus

A.D. 238-244 Gordian III Silver Antoninianus

Now you can own a genuine 1,700-year-old silver Antoninianus issued under the reign of Gordian III, Rome's much-loved child emperor. This legendary coin carries Gordian III's image. Youthful good looks and a humble nature made him very popular with the Romans. At the age of 13, he was declared Caesar, and within months, named emperor. The sixth ruler of A.D. 238 (known as the Time of Chaos), he was the only child emperor not seduced by the power of Rome. Levelheaded and humble, he listened well to the advice of his elders, and under their guidance drove the Persians out of Mesopotamia. In A.D. 244, the 22-year-old was murdered by the power-hungry Philip I seeking the throne for himself. A great story and an authentic relic of the ancient world – don't delay!
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