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Marcian Solidus

AD450-457 Marcian Gold Solidus

The coins of Roman emperor Marcian are very scarce and seldom seen. In fact, they’re usually missing from most ancient collections. Yet, this important ruler had a major impact on the history of Rome. After becoming emperor, Marcian broke a nearly 30-year imperial policy of buying peace from Attila the Hun – risking war with Attila’s mighty army! Fortunately for Marcian, Attila died before he was able to attack. Had Marcian agreed to the bribe, gold coins like these could have been used as payment. And, as happened with many coins of the day, they may have been melted down for recoining – one of the reasons that coins with such beautiful detailing are rarely seen today. The obverse of each superb coin shows the emperor wearing a helmet and carrying a shield and spear, while the reverse depicts winged Victory. These exquisite solid gold coins are so rare, many ancients collectors can only dream of owning one. Now, that dream coin can be yours!
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