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A.D. 98-117 Trajan Cistaphoric Tetradrachm, Wheat Reverse

A.D. 98-117 Trajan Silver Cistaphoric Tetradrachm, Wheat Reverse

Trajan is credited for stretching the Roman Empire to its largest extent. Modern day Morocco, Spain, France and England formed its western border while the northern border met the Danube. Trajan's greatest accomplishments, however, were his conquests to the east which allowed the empire to reach the Caspian Sea. Retrace his hard won land grab with this amazing coin.

Hand struck in Rome from A.D. 98-117 for use in the eastern provinces, each hefty silver Tetradrachm contains 12 grams of nearly pure silver. This coin features a large, detailed portrait of Trajan. The reverse depicts ears of wheat, an important crop to the Empire. The detail on this coin is incredible, especially considering it's almost 1,900 years old! With outstanding visual appeal and exciting history, this coin will be a great addition to your collection
A5680VF Very Fine
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