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A.D. 41-54 Claudius I Cistaphoric Tetradrchm, Temple Reverse

A.D. 41-54 Claudius I Silver Cistaphoric Tetradrchm, Temple Reverse

Worth three Roman Denarii, these Cistophoric Tetradrachms are impressive both in their size and detail. Hand struck from A.D. 41-54, these silver coins feature large portraits and more complex reverse images than the Denarii. The obverse displays an image of Claudius, while the reverse shows the emperor standing in a temple being crowned by a female figure. This woman is likely Roma, the symbol of the city/empire. The detail is incredible considering each is over 1,950 years old! These coins were used throughout the eastern part of the Empire where Claudius was worshipped as a god, not just a leader. Sure to be the showpiece of any collection.

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