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A.D. 582-602 Maurice Tiberius Byzantine Coin, Copper

A.D. 582-602 Maurice Tiberius Byzantine Copper Coin

Maurice Tiberius was a noted general, statesman, and unifier of the Byzantine Empire. He organized the military and signed a successful peace treaty with the Persian king Khusru II. During his reign, he also trimmed expenses to fortify the Empire. It was this frugal nature that led to his demise. When he refused to bring his army home for the winter, they revolted and named the soldier Phocas as emperor. Maurice fled and was executed.
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2015-S U.S. Mint Clad Proof Set (14 coins)
2015-S U.S. Mint Clad Proof Set (14 coins)

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2016 Guide Book of U.S. Coins, 69th Edition (Softcover)

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