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Bronze Celtic Arrowhead Money

6th-5th Centuries B.C. Celtic Arrowhead Money

These bronze arrowheads look like they should be used as weapons, but in fact, they`re among the earliest forms of money. Long before the invention of coinage, people bartered and exchanged odd-shaped currency like this arrow money. Once society became more sophisticated, earlier forms of coinage disappeared, replaced with the "little round pieces of metal" we now call coins. Dating from the 6th-5th century B.C., this archaic arrow money comes from Thrace, around the Black Sea area. It recalls the cunning Greeks and fierce Celts who lived in the same region and fought shoulder to shoulder against the Phoenicians and Persians! Just the name "arrow money" brings to mind the deadly weapon it resembles - a two bladed arrowhead! Each measures between 1.25" and 1.5" and has a dark patina that only comes with age. This epic piece, used by brave warriors long ago, predates most coins in your collection-add it today!
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