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Constantine I Follis

A.D. 307-337 Constantine I Bronze-Silvered Follis

The night before the battle of Milvian Bridge, Constantine had a vision of an angel showing him a Christogram, or Chi-Rho, the first two letters in Greek of the name of Christ. And the angel said: "Hoc Signo Victro Eris" (In this sign you shall conquer). Displaying the sign of the cross on shields and standards, the legions of Constantine were victorious. Constantine accepted Christianity in A.D. 312, although he waited until his deathbed in A.D. 337 to be baptized, and mandated tolerance of Christianity in 313. He was only Augustus in the west however, and Maximinus II still fiercely persecuted Christians in the east until his defeat by Licinius I. Constantine finally reunified the empire under his leadership in 324 with the defeat of Licinius and Christianity was established as the dominant religion through western culture through to the 21st Century.
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