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Bronze Maroneia Horse

400-350 B.C. Thrace Maroneia Bronze Horse

Just imagine holding in the palm of your hand a 2,300-year-old coin that circulated in ancient Greece! Individually minted by hand, these coins come from the ancient city-state of Maroneia, a leading center of trade on the shores of the Aegean Sea. These coins advertised the wealth and wine of Maroneia, the same city Homer spoke of in The Odyssey. It was the strong wine of Maroneia that wily Odysseus used to make the Cyclops drunk, permitting his escape from the Cyclops` cave! Located at the base of Mt. Ismaros, the city of Maroneia was noted for its fine wine and horses. And bronze coins, bearing a prancing horse on the obverse and grape vines within a square on the reverse, circulated throughout the ancient world. The Very Fine Plus offered here are individually hand selected from a larger lot to give you the nicest looking coins! Once these historic pieces are gone, they`re gone-so order your ancient Greek Maroneia coin today!
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