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Ptolemy IV Extra Large Bronze Zeus, Bronze

222-204 B.C. Ptolemy IV Extra Large Bronze, Zeus

Ptolemy IV Philopator (Father Loving) is best known for his drunken debauchery. He murdered his brother, mother, and uncle. His affairs of state were left to his vile associates - which resulted in the instability of Egypt and the loss of much of Syria. He died at the age of 40, leaving only one heir. Struck in Egypt from 222-204 B.C., these bronze coins offer a blend of two cultures: Egyptian and Greek. Zeus' portrait is on the obverse. The symbol of royal authority, an eagle, is on the reverse. Because these came from Egypt years ago, they will only grow more difficult to find. Egypt no longer allows antiquities to leave the country. An impressive noteworthy coin-get yours today!
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