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1864 Confederate Sates of America 50¢ Note

1864 Confederate Sates of America 50¢ Note

Add a museum-quality Civil War artifact to your collection during the 150th anniversary of that dramatic event in our nation’s history. We have a limited supply of 1864 Confederate States of America (CSA) 50¢ notes – carefully preserved for nearly 150 years in a scarce original 100-note pack! Avoiding exposure to air and light, these “pack fresh” currency notes depicting CSA President Jefferson Davis feature exceptional color, detail and contrast.

Hoarding of coinage during the Civil War forced both sides to issue “fractional” currency in denominations of less than a dollar. These uniface Confederate 50¢ notes were printed on pink bank note paper and have machine-stamped serial numbers. Due to rampant inflation in 1864, a statement on the left edge qualifies the notes as payable “Two Years after the Ratification of a Treaty of Peace between the Confederate States and United States”. Each note also bears the printed signatures of Robert Tyler, Register of the CSA Treasury and eldest son of 10th U.S. president John Tyler – and Edward C. Elmore, CSA treasurer and prominent southern banker.

When our limited supply is gone, we may never be able to offer Confederate currency from an original pack again. Don’t miss this unusual collecting opportunity!
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