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Series 1934C

1934C $5 Silver Certificate

Small-size $5 Silver Certificates were issued with series dates of 1934 and 1953. Once redeemable for silver coin or bullion, these notes and the redemption option were discontinued by Act of Congress in 1963. Silver Certificates, with their distinctive blue Treasury seals and serial numbers, are among the most sought-after U.S. currency notes. This Series 1934C $5 Silver Certificate bears Julian-Snyder signatures.
FR1653.05 Good $33.00 Add to Cart
FR1653.08 Very Good $39.00 Add to Cart
FR1653.12 Fine $42.50 Add to Cart
FR1653.20 Very Fine $45.00 Add to Cart
FR1653.40 Extra Fine $47.50 Add to Cart
FR1653.32 About Unc $49.95 Add to Cart
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