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$1 Series 1957 Star Note

1957 $1 Silver Certificate, Star Note

When a currency note is deemed imperfect in its manufacture, it is replaced with a Star Note that bears a star before or after the serial number.

  • From the first $1 series with the motto IN GOD WE TRUST
  • Less than 11% of 1957 $1 Silver Certificates have stars
  • Blue seal and serial numbers
  • Priest-Anderson signatures

Star Notes are much scarcer than regular issues, as only a limited number are produced and fewer still are placed in circulation. Secure this sought-after yet affordable $1 Silver Certificate today
FR1619T.08 Very Good $12.50 Add to Cart
FR1619T.12 Fine $15.00 Add to Cart
FR1619T.20 Very Fine $17.00 Add to Cart
FR1619T.40 Extra Fine $20.00 Add to Cart
FR1619T.82 Crisp Unc $42.50 Add to Cart
FR1619T.96 Choice Crisp Uncirculated $47.50 Add to Cart
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