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$2 Series 1953B

1953B $2 Legal Tender Note

Also known as United States Notes, Legal Tender Notes were introduced during the Civil War. The size was reduced to modern standards beginning with Series 1928, and only $1, $2, $5, and $100 notes were issued in the smaller size.

  • Face features a central portrait of Thomas Jefferson
  • Back depicts Jefferson’s home, Monticello
  • Smith-Dillon signatures
  • Red seal and serial numbers

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    FR1511.12 Fine
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    FR1511.20 Very Fine $27.50 Add to Cart
    FR1511.40 Extra Fine $29.95 Add to Cart
    FR1511.32 About Unc $31.50 Add to Cart
    FR1511.82 Crisp Unc $45.00 Add to Cart
    FR1511.96 Choice Crisp Unc
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