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1901 New Orleans Mint

1901-O Morgan Silver Dollar

These genuine 1901-O dollars are legacies of the short-lived New Orleans Mint. Opened in 1838, this branch mint struck U.S. coins until January 1861, when the State of Louisiana seceded from the Union and took over the facility. Two months later, it was taken over again by the Confederacy – its third “master” within weeks.

  • Handsome – struck in over 3/4 of an ounce of 90% silver
  • Over 110 years old
  • Once a rarity missing from collections before the 1930s
  • Bags rediscovered in U.S. Treasury vaults, and thousands were released in 1962

Now available and affordable for collectors today, get this prized Morgan silver dollar with the “O” mint mark, today.
1725.VG Very Good #2 $83.00 Add to Cart
1725.08 Very Good $92.00 Add to Cart
1725.F Fine #2 $85.00 Add to Cart
1725.12 Fine $94.00 Add to Cart
1725.VF Very Fine #2 $86.50 Add to Cart
1725.20 Very Fine $96.00 Add to Cart
1725.XF Xtra Fine #2 $90.00 Add to Cart
1725.40 Extra Fine $100.00 Add to Cart
1725.50 About Unc-50 $110.00 Add to Cart
1725.AU About Unc #2 $99.00 Add to Cart
1725.55 Ch About Unc-55 $115.00 Add to Cart
1725.60 Uncirculated-60 $125.00 Add to Cart
1725.63 Ch Unc-63 $155.00 Add to Cart
1725N.63 Ch Unc-63 $155.00 Add to Cart
1725P.63 Ch Unc-63 $155.00 Add to Cart
1725N.64 Very Ch Unc-64 $210.00 Add to Cart
1725P.64 Very Ch Unc-64 $210.00 Add to Cart
1725P.65 Gem Unc-65 $350.00 Add to Cart
1725N.66 Gem Unc-66 $895.00 Add to Cart
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