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1941-1944 World War II Philippine Guerrilla Note Set (7 notes)

1941-1944 World War II Philippine Guerrilla Note Set (7 notes)

After the Japanese seized the Philippines during World War II, they issued their own currency for use in the islands. But before General MacArthur left the islands, he split his command among officers who stayed behind, hoping to grow resistance groups. In time, Filipino resistance fighters produced “Guerrilla Notes” to finance their cause. This crude emergency money was often produced using wooden blocks, vegetable dye and scrap paper because there were no printing presses and very little paper or ink. The money was eagerly accepted because it symbolized the resistance, but anyone caught by the Japanese with Guerrilla Notes faced torture or death.

General MacArthur pledged he would return to the Philippines in March 1942 and by October 1944, he made good on that promise, thanks to the efforts of the resistance fighters. This affordable set of 7 different 1941-1944 Philippine Guerrilla Notes includes what is believed to be the only 25 Centavos in the entire series. Make the historic notes of the daring Filipino resistance fighters a part of your collection today.
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