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2014 P&D Herbert Hoover Presidential Dollar Showpak

2014 P&D Herbert Hoover Presidential Dollar Showpak

Featuring the third of four 2014 Presidential dollar designs, this P&D set honors Herbert Hoover who served as 31st U.S. president from 1929-1933.

  • Struck in limited quantities for collectors at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints
  • Featuring a ā€œPā€ or ā€œDā€ mint mark on the edge along with the date of issue and motto E PLURIBUS UNUM
  • In mint Uncirculated condition
  • Displayed and protected in a Littleton Showpak® providing clear view of both sides and the edge inscriptions
  • Depicts Herbert Hoover who proposed public works projects and business financing assistance to address the growing depression, and established the Federal Farm Board to stabilize the agricultural market

Get an Uncirculated 2014 P&D two-coin set of Hoover Presidential dollars in a colorful, informative Showpak holder.
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