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1939-1968 Republic of Ireland Obsolete Set (4 coins)

1939-1968 Republic of Ireland Obsolete Set (4 coins)

Straight from the Emerald Isle comes a historic set of Irish coinage now obsolete. With the creation of the independent Irish Free State, a committee met in 1926 to develop new coinage for Ireland. They decided the obverse would show a Celtic or Gaelic harp, a symbol used on Irish coins since the 1530s and Henry VIII. The reverses would display animals important to the nation’s agricultural economy. Now this handsome 4-coin set brings you some of those early classic designs, you’ll get the:

  • Large Penny – Hen and chicks reverse
  • Halfpenny – Sow and piglets reverse
  • Farthing (1/4 of a penny) – Woodcock in flight reverse
  • Threepence – Hare reverse

All coins have the denomination in Irish script. Today these historic coins have all been replaced, first by decimal coinage in the 1970s, and later by the Euro. Add a touch of the Irish to your collection and SAVE off single coin prices!
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