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1870s $5 Manhattan Silver Mining Co. Scrip

1870s $5 Manhattan Silver Mining Co. Scrip

What a fabulous find! These never-used $5 scrip notes are precious pieces of mining history from the “Silver State” of Nevada! Silver was discovered on the Reese River in 1862, and a year later, the boom town of Austin had a population of over 10,000. The Manhattan Silver Mining Company, named for its New York City financiers, soon bought up most of the area mines and mills and nearly monopolized the local industry. The company’s secretary M.J. Farrell, also the district state senator, even successfully lobbied the Nevada legislature for funding to build a railroad to Austin. But when completed, the major output of area mines had given out, and the once-mighty Manhattan Silver Mining Co. disbanded in 1887.

You can now own a Crisp Unused 1870s Manhattan Mining scrip note – intended to provide the convenience of paper money, and redeemable as stated in “Merchantable Silver” (silver coin or assayed silver ingots). Featuring a birds-eye view of Austin, Nevada, the green $5 notes measure 7 3⁄8 ̋ x 3 3⁄4 ̋ and are imprinted with a gold 2¢ Internal Revenue Stamp, as the U.S. was still trying to pay for the Civil War. Buy this $5 note, and get a FREE page reprint from an 1873 Austin, Nevada newspaper. Don’t delay. Once gone, we may never be able to offer these museum-quality notes again!
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