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1928-1976 Complete Small-Size $2 Note Type Set

1928-1976 Complete Small-Size $2 Note Type Set

With this complete type set of small-size $2 U.S. notes, you’ll get three Legal Tender issues with Thomas Jefferson on the face and his home Monticello on the back and a Federal Reserve Note with the Bicentennial reverse. Included are the very first small-size $2 type from Series 1928, the Series 1953 note with changes on the face, and the last $2 Legal Tender Note from Series 1963 with IN GOD WE TRUST on the back. These three circulated notes feature red seals and serial numbers.

Along with the Legal Tender Notes, you’ll receive a Crisp Uncirculated $2 Federal Reserve Note from 1976, the first series issue! This special note features The Declaration of Independence on the back. The face is similar to the $2 Legal Tender Notes, but the seal and serial numbers are green.

Rarely seen in circulation today, the notes in this fascinating type set will be a welcome addition to your collection. Order yours now!
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