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1878 First-Year Morgan Silver Dollar Set

1878 First-Year Morgan Silver Dollar Set

Now for the first time in nine years, the prized complete Morgan Dollar First-Year Set, with the elusive “8” & “7 over 8” Tail Feather varieties is available again! Demand and low mintage make these scarce varieties tough to find, and this prized 6-coin set makes a gift they’ll talk about for years to come!

To collectors, 1878 was a special year… the first Morgans were struck. Philadelphia produced several different Tail Feather reverse designs – first, Morgans with 8 tail feathers – minting just 750, 000 – before the design changed. Next, two different reverse dies for the 7 Tail Feather Morgans were used, and you’ll get both. Some 8-feather coins were overstruck with a 7-feather die, creating about 500,000 of the famous “7 over 8” variety! Plus the set has Carson City and San Francisco Mint Morgans. While these genuine 90% silver dollars don’t meet industry-grading standards, they do make an affordable way to give a complete First-Year 1878 Morgan set. Don’t miss out!
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