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1928-1934 $10 Silver & Gold Certificates Set

1928-1934 $10 Silver & Gold Certificates Set

These historic $10 Silver and Gold Certificates are from an era when you could walk into your local bank, hand the teller a $10 bill, and get its face value back in silver or gold coin! It's fitting that both currency notes feature a portrait of Alexander Hamilton – who served as the first Secretary of the Treasury during the presidency of George Washington, and is often called the founder of our nation’s financial system. The back of both notes depicts the U.S. Treasury building in Washington, D.C. With this precious 2-note set, you’ll enjoy:

  • Series 1934C $10 Silver Certificate – distinctive blue seal and serial numbers, and last issued over 60 years ago. Would have purchased almost 12 ounces of silver in 1953. The 1963 Silver Act ended 90% silver circulating coins and these classic notes.
  • Series 1928 $10 Gold Certificate –last printed in 1932 and the only small-size Gold Certificate series. Features a gold seal and serial numbers, and would have purchased nearly 1⁄2 ounce of gold. Millions were destroyed after the 1933 Gold Recall Order.

Recall the days when U.S. paper money could be redeemed for silver and gold – order this historic duo today, and SAVE off individual prices!
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