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1921 Morgan Dollar Edge Reeding Set (2 coins)

1921 Morgan Dollar Edge Reeding Set (2 coins)

When we came across a fresh, original group of lustrous last-year 1921-P Morgans that had always been together, we bought them on the spot! Then as the buyers and I examined them, we realized many were the prized Wide or Infrequent Reeding variety… and couldn’t wait to offer them to you. Now you can own the sought-after Wide Reeding variety in an affordable last-year 1921-P set that includes one normal reeded Morgan, plus the exciting variety. This “Top 100 Morgan Variety” displays 157 reeds along the edge instead of the normal 189. And, it has 17 berries on the right reverse wreath, so it is an early issue (later coins have 16 berries).

According to experts, out of the 44.6 million 1921-P Morgans minted, just 2.5% are the Wide Reeding variety. To date, the majority of the Wide Reeding has been found on the first reverse type with 17 berries. Since the early 1950s, Morgan dollars have been collected by variety, but recently, interest in these fascinating coins has skyrocketed. And now for the first time, we can offer you the popular Wide Reeding coin in this set.

As a Top 100 VAM variety, this 1921 Morgan is always in demand, and these lustrous 2-coin sets are sure to go fast. Each last-year Morgan has been hand selected for eye appeal and encapsulated. Plus, your set is presented in a handsome case and includes a story describing the variety. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity!
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