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2009-2014 P&D Native American Dollar Set (12 coins) with Folder

2009-2014 P&D Native American Dollar Set (12 coins) with Folder

Own a complete Uncirculated set of Native American dollars – issued since 2009 with one-year-only reverse designs honoring Native American contributions. You’ll get Uncirculated Philadelphia “P” and Denver “D” mint mark issues of all 6 designs:

  • 2009 Agriculture – depicts a young woman tending a Three Sisters Garden of corn, beans and squash
  • 2010 Government – features Hiawatha Belt & 5 arrows representing the original Iroquois Confederacy and its Great Law of Peace
  • 2011 Diplomacy – shows the sharing of a peace pipe between Chief Massasoit of the Wampanoag tribe and Governor John Carver of the Plymouth Bay colony after their historic 1621 peace agreement
  • 2012 Trade – depicts a Native American and horse with running horses beyond
  • 2013 Delaware Treaty – honors the first official treaty between the newly formed United States and a Native tribe
  • 2014 Hospitality – highlights the hospitality extended by Native Americans to the Lewis & Clark expedition, ensuring its success

The common obverse features Lewis & Clark’s young Shoshone guide Sacagawea, and the coins come with a custom display folder for golden dollars. Order your Uncirculated P&D 12-coin set today!
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