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1930-1945 China Bank Note Set (8 notes)

1930-1945 China Bank Note Set (8 notes)

Trace an eventful period in Chinese history with this affordable set of 8 different 1930-1945 bank notes, from post-imperial unification by Chiang Kai-shek to the increasing influence of the Communist Party. As the Nationalists under Kai-shek waged civil war against the Communists, China was invaded by Japan in 1937 and much of the country was occupied by Japanese troops during World War II. From an inland retreat, the Chinese government became an ally of America and Great Britain during WWII.

You’ll receive bank notes of the 1930s depicting Kai-shek’s predecessor Sun Yat-sen and Chinese structures of historical or architectural significance. Plus you’ll get a Customs Gold Unit used for customs payments from 1930-1948, and two different Yen notes issued in China during the WWII occupation by Japan. All eight notes are obsolete and over 65 years old, replaced by currency of the People’s Republic of China established in 1949. Add these historical artifacts of pre-Communist China to your collection today!
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