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116-101 B.C. Ariarathes VII Silver Drachm

116-101 B.C. Ariarathes VII Silver Drachm

Enjoy heirloom quality and outstanding detail with this ancient silver Drachm hand struck during the 116-101 B.C. reign of King Ariarathes VII of Cappadocia. This region in central Turkey, famous for its tall pointed rock formations known as “fairy chimneys,” also contains the remains of several underground cities – used by early Christians as hiding places before their religion became an accepted form of worship.

The obverse depicts Ariarathes VII, whose boyhood reign was dominated by his mother until neighboring King Nicomedes III invaded and took control. When Nicomedes was expelled by Ariarathes’ uncle, the youthful king could finally fulfill his destiny…but he was soon assassinated by an operative of a neighboring kingdom! The reverse of the coin portrays the Greek deities of Athena holding Nike. Add this well-preserved silver coin over 2,100 years old to your collection today.
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