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380-362 B.C. Dynasts of Lycia, Perikles Bronze Pan

380-362 B.C. Dynasts of Lycia, Perikles Bronze Pan

This ancient bronze coin recalls ancient Lycia, located in southwestern Turkey on the Mediterranean. Important because of its access to the sea and trade routes, the country was rich in natural resources and heavily forested. Its citizens enjoyed abundant fishing and hunting. Perhaps that is why Lycia’s bronze coin features Pan, the Greek god of the forest, mountains and shepherds, on the obverse. The Triskeles, three legs running, is on the reverse. It was struck over 2,300 years ago under Perikles (380-362 B.C.) one of the last hereditary kings (dynasts) and the last to independently mint coins.

Perikles took part in the Great Satrap’s Revolt against Persia. When the uprising was crushed, Lycia lost the right to mint its own coins. Highlight your set with this interesting ancient.
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