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1964-1976 Silver Kennedy Half Dollar Collection (6 coins)

1964-1976 Silver Kennedy Half Dollar Collection (6 coins)

Introduced less than 70 days after John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the half dollars that bear his likeness are an enduring tribute to a popular young president. While regular-issue Kennedy halves are now struck only in copper-nickel, the early silver coins in the series are especially desirable among collectors. With this exciting set, you get 6 different silver Kennedys including the only 90% silver regular issues!

This set contains Uncirculated first-year 1964 P&D Kennedy halves – the only issues struck for circulation in 90% silver. You’ll get 3 more Uncirculated coins including the 40% silver 1965 issue, 1968-D from the last year 40% silver halves were struck for circulation, and the low-mintage 40% silver 1976-S Bicentennial half issued only in Mint Sets. Plus you’ll receive the 40% silver 1969-D issue in Average Circulated condition. Get 6 different silver Kennedy halves and SAVE!
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