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1878-S & 1921-S First & Last

1878-S & 1921-S First & Last "S" Mint Morgan Dollar Set

First and last year coins are always popular with collectors – doubly so when they’re desirable 90% silver Morgan dollars from the prestigious San Francisco Mint. Still boasting most of their original mint luster, these 1878-S and 1921-S Morgans are in attractive yet affordable About Uncirculated condition. Spanning four decades of American history, one coin recalls the days of an expanding frontier, while the other ushered in a decade of change.

In 1878, a slower production schedule at the San Francisco Mint meant that the staff had time to prepare and strike coins with extra care. These first year issues featured clean, detailed strikes that are coveted by today’s collectors. And then, in 1921 (after a series hiatus of more than 15 years), Morgan dollars rolled off the mint presses one final time. Don’t miss out – order now to own this historic set and SAVE off single coin prices!
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