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1884-1901 Morgan Dollar Set (4 coins)

1884-1901 Morgan Dollar Set (4 coins)

Minted from 1878-1904 and then one last time in 1921, Morgan silver dollars are precious mementos of a colorful, adventurous period in American history. Containing over 3/4 ounce of silver from rich western mines, Morgan dollars were preferred coins in the Old West and enjoyed their greatest popularity in the frontier states and territories.

This 4-coin set gives you the 1884-O, 1896-O and 1901-O Morgans struck in 90% silver at the historic New Orleans Mint – which in 1861 was taken over first by the state of Louisiana and then by the Confederacy. This former mint last produced U.S. coins over a century ago in 1909. Plus, you’ll get the 1890 Morgan dollar, struck at the main U.S. Mint in Philadelphia the year that city’s population went over a million. Get the 4-coin collector’s set in attractive, affordable Very Fine condition and SAVE off individual prices.
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