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1949 PDS Franklin Half Dollar Set (3 coins)

1949 PDS Franklin Half Dollar Set (3 coins)

Own a complete All-Mint set of P, D & S Franklins from 1949 – the second year of the series! Back in their years of issue (1948-1963), these silver 50¢ pieces represented a lot of money to set aside, so many went into circulation and wore out through use. But now with this special set, you’ll get attractive coins – the 1949, 1949-D and 1949-S – in the higher circulated grade of Extra Fine #2.

First struck over 65 years ago, Franklin halves circulated during the Truman and Eisenhower presidencies, the Korean War and Cuban Missile Crisis, and came to an end after JFK’s assassination. But during their years of issue, Franklins were the largest coins struck for circulation, and hold the distinction of being America’s last coin series struck entirely in 90% silver. Plus, they are also the shortest half dollar series of the 20th century! Add this affordable set to your collection now and SAVE off single prices!
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