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1976 $2 Round the World, Liberty Bell, Flight Note

1976 $2 Round the World, Liberty Bell, Flight Note

Here’s a gift you won’t want to miss – a crisp Series 1976 $2 note flown aboard the historic Pan Am global flight that broke the commercial speed records. On May 1, 1976, the 747SP Liberty Bell took off from New York on a flight around the world, carrying a select 130 passengers and crew. After traveling 23,137 miles in 46 hours and 50 seconds, with stops in Delhi, India and Tokyo, Japan, the 747SP returned to New York.

Each Crisp Uncirculated $2 Bicentennial note, with J for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, is still sealed in its original envelope. Plus, the envelope front is hand cancelled Kansas, MO, July 4, 1976 and bears a Bicentennial Stamp. The back is stamped with flight details and has at least one hand signature. Truly unique and sure to be a memorable gift!
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