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2014 Australia Silver $1 Kangaroo

2014 Australia Silver $1 Kangaroo

Here’s the latest one-year-only design in Australia’s world-renowned Kangaroo coin series, celebrating the “down under” country’s beloved national symbol! This new 2014 Uncirculated silver dollar features a design based on a kangaroo drawing done by Henry Constantine Richter. The art was originally sketched by wildlife author John Gould (who commissioned Richter’s assistance for the artwork) during his 1838 travels in Australia.

Each year, Australia’s Kangaroo silver dollars are among the most popular and eagerly-awaited coins. Struck in one ounce of 99.9% fine silver, the new Uncirculated 2014 issue features a bright polished appearance with frosted background. Add this latest worldwide favorite to your own collection today!
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