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ND(1979-1981) Iran 20 & 50 Rials Bank Note Set

ND(1979-1981) Iran 20 & 50 Rials Bank Note Set

In 1979, Iran was in a state of revolt. Citizens were unhappy under the rule of Shah Pahlavi, and his rule of nearly four decades came to an end when he was forced to flee the country. Within weeks, the Ayatollah Khomeini returned from exile in Paris to gain control.

Following the Islamic Revolution, these bank notes were among the first issued for the Islamic Republic of Iran. The portrait of Shah Pahlavi on existing notes – including these 20 and 50 Rials – was covered in a detailed design. This overprinting was used both to disgrace the deposed Shah, and give credibility to the new Republic. The colorful notes in your set are still in Uncirculated condition after more than 30 years. Add history and intrigue to your collection today!
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