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1878-1899 19th-Century Morgan Dollar Showpak

1878-1899 19th-Century Morgan Dollar Showpak

If you want to introduce someone to the collecting hobby, no coins make a greater impression than magnificent Morgan dollars. Named for their designer George T. Morgan and nicknamed the “King of America’s Coins,” these collector favorites are from an era when money meant large, hefty coins struck in 90% silver! They’ll enjoy a genuine 19th-century Morgan dollar – dating from 1878-1899 and recalling the Wild West days of cattlehands, gunslingers, prospectors, gamblers and dance hall queens. Each Morgan dollar comes in Littleton’s colorful, informative Showpak® holder, and though these coins don’t meet industry grading standards, they are an affordable way to treat someone to a desirable Morgan silver dollar. Order today!
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